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Headache-Free Payroll Solutions

Are you contemplating hiring your first employee or converting your business to a corporation so that you’ll have to pay yourself a paycheck?

Do you sometimes incur late fees because you miss payroll tax deposit due dates?

Does payroll take up too much of your time?

Do you feel chained to your desk on payroll day because you have to be at your office to get it done?

Are you still doing payroll by hand or by spreadsheet?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you’re in luck. Payroll has never been easier for small business owners. And it’s affordable too, when you think of all the time and energy drain you can avoid by automating or outsourcing it.

We Can Help with Your Payroll Needs

Whether you’re starting your first payroll, unhappy with your current provider, tired of doing it yourself, or just shopping for prices, we’re happy to discuss our payroll service options and give you a complimentary quote. Payroll is definitely a complex area that should be handled by expert professionals. Here’s why:

Employer Compliance and Payroll Laws Are Constantly Changing

With payroll tax laws, new reporting requirements, and employee rights changing every month, it’s just about impossible to remain current in this area and still have time left over to run your business. That’s why we make it our business to stay up-to-date with changing payroll laws and compliance so you don’t have to.

There have been many forms changes in the last few years that impact employee onboarding, withholding, and other tax requirements. We can help you stay up to date with all of these changes.

Payroll Software Is Evolving

Payroll software is changing with the times. There are many new features and easier ways of doing things, such as:

  • Employee self-onboarding so you don’t have to enter new employee data
  • Employee self-service so employees can make their own withholding, bank account, and address changes as well as get their own W-2s.
  • Mobile apps so you and your employees can access time sheet apps and payroll from their cell phones.
  • Easy approvals for employers so payroll can be run at the push of a button.
  • Automated payroll tax report filing so you don’t have to lift a finger.
  • On-time payroll tax deposits or the payroll company pays the fine.
  • Employee reimbursements
  • Integrated benefits such as 401(k) plans
  • Integrated workers comp payments so the nasty annual audit goes away.
  • Automated vacation and PTO tracking
  • Automated bank withdrawals one to two days before paycheck day so your money is available to you for as long as possible.

All of these features add up to fewer headaches and more time for you to work on more important things in your business.

Avoid Big Payroll Tax Fines for Paying and Filing Late

If you’ve ever made a payroll mistake or missed a deadline that cost you big money in fines and penalties, you’re not alone. One in three companies has been charged with a payroll mistake, and the penalty averages hundreds of dollars. We’ll happily take charge of all of these myriad payroll requirements, deadlines, and responsibilities.

Got Contractors?

Although contractors are handled differently than employees, labor is labor and we find that many small business owners forget about 1099s until the last minute. We can help you with your 1099 compliance, W-9 requests, and 1099-K reconciliations.

Need Time Tracking?

If you pay employees hourly, timesheet records need to be kept. There are many software applications that excel at any requirement you have, including:

  • Time clock
  • Mobile app
  • GPS time tracker
  • Time card options
  • Overtime tracking and limits
  • Approvals

Get Smart with Job and Project Costing

Do you need to find out where all that labor is going to? It’s essential as a business owner to understand your profit margins, and it’s hard to do that without great labor reports. We can help you with this requirement so you can understand your numbers better.

If you price jobs based on estimates, you’ll want to be able to compare the actual costs of each job to your estimate so you can become smarter at estimating and controlling your profit.

Need Help with More than Payroll Services?

There are many more payroll-related chores we can assist you with. These include:

  • Multi-state requirements
  • Poster compliance (to avoid hefty fines a small business cannot afford)
  • Onboarding new employees
  • Worker’s compensation audits
  • Employee reimbursement and expense report processing
  • New hire reporting (required for child support delinquencies)
  • Certified payroll

Gain Your Freedom on Payroll Day

If you’d rather be anywhere but chained to your desk on Friday when you have to get the payroll out, we can painlessly help you bring your payroll system into the 21st century. With options like direct deposit and cloud-based approval systems, you can approve your payroll from any internet connection in the world: think cruise ships, wi-fi enabled flights, or that beach house in Maui.

We offer:

  • Automated and streamlined payroll services
  • Integrations with your accounting system, time-tracking and more
  • Quarterly and year-end filing and tax payments
  • Direct deposit
  • Mobile access
  • Easy employee onboarding
  • Automatic new hire reporting
  • Bonus payrolls
  • Great service
  • No fines
  • Training
  • Free estimate

Our Personal Service Provides Peace of Mind

Many of our clients come to us after poor experiences with larger payroll companies. By knowing your business more personally and working with small businesses like yours day in and day out, we can cut through issues to deliver accurate and timely service.

If you’re tired of training the revolving door of customer service representatives assigned to your small business account, we can help. We love getting to know your business and why you’re passionate about it, so that we can serve you more personally. We’re small business owners just like you, and you have direct access to the owner any time you need to reach out to us about your account.

Complimentary Consultation

Give us a call or email us to find out more or to set up your complimentary payroll consultation.